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Black Friday eBook Sale

A comprehensive 18-point checklist to evaluate your next SaaS idea.
Black Friday eBook Sale

So to join the discount party, I'm offering my eBook for $5 (80% discount from the usual price of $25).

If you have ever wondered whether that idea you have for a SaaS business is worth pursuing, then this eBook will certainly help you.

It's basically an 18-point checklist to help you interrogate your idea. The checklist was compiled through research and my own experiences in building SaaS businesses.

You get:

  • An 18-point evaluation guide, with descriptions, examples and quotes from successful founders.
  • A Google Sheet for scoring your ideas.
  • Printable PDF worksheets.
  • References to all research material, including articles, podcasts and videos.

The value of going through the checklist is confidence in whether you should, or shouldn't, pursue that idea!

Don't just take my word for it. Here's Rob Fitzpatrick after using the checklist himself to sense-check his idea:

So get it now for $5 below, before it returns to $25 after the sale!