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Weekend challenge - building a ChatGPT bot with Laravel

Giving myself 2 days to build an AI chatbot with Laravel.

Half asleep, with my brain not completely switched off, thoughts of all the new cool things announced at Laracon US last week swirled around in my head.

But being a busy startup developer/founder, finding time to play with these new toys is always a challenge. Even though I know that some of these new advances will only help me build better products.

So I thought, why not do the learning on top of what I already know? Which is why this weekend I'm going to re-build a small part of my own product - https://clarifypdf.com, a ChatGPT for PDFs - with the latest and greatest from Laravel.

I'll be building a video summariser and chatbot for all of the Laracon videos.

I only have a weekend. Let's see where this thing goes!

As always, I'll be building in public. If you want to follow along, follow me on Twitter for the play-by-play, or just read the summary and results in my newsletter.